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Gabriela Vásquez

She has been attending the Guatemalan Neurological Institute since she was 9 months old, and although she has made great strides in her development, Gaby still does not have verbal communication but is always willing to communicate in other ways...


Javier Rivera

Javi is a young man with a sweet and contagious smile. He arrived at the Neurological Institute of Guatemala at 18 months of age, and today, at 23 years old, he has been part of all the academic cycles, he is currently part of the Labor Occupational Workshop...


Mynely López

Mynelly is the third of 4 children, and lives with her parents in Ciudad Quetzal, approximately 20 kilometers away. Every day her mother coordinates different ways to get to the Neurological Institute of Guatemala, sometimes by motorcycle, sometimes by public bus.

It is surprising to see the progress of the students of the Neurological Institute of Guatemala, the way in which they face the different challenges that are presented to them every day, learning and developing in an integral way. We love to see your smiles and your goals achieved when learning something new or seeking your autonomy. And, above all, we love hearing the success stories of children and young people who receive special education and support therapies.


Thanks to donors like you we can offer our students the best possible education and improve their quality of life for them and their families.


Thanks for your support.

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