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Our main goal is to help children and young adults with intellectual disabilities or autism reach their full potential through our special education and therapeutic programs.

We promote the development of their psycho-affective, intellectual, and motor abilities.

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Our Goal
We offer programs to ensure that people with intellectual disabilities or autism are successfully included in the workforce.

Providing the required supports to be able to work and be integrated into a work community, promoting autonomy and appreciation of the people with intellectual disabilities.

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Our programs are created for people with intellectual disabilities or autism.

The objective is to strengthen their abilities and skills to improve their quality of life.

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What we do

We are a private, non-profit fundation that supports the Neurological Institute of Guatemala. This Institute was founded in 1961 by a group of dedicated parents and physicians who were interested in providing access to special education and support services for underprivilaged children and young people with intellectual disabilities in Guatemala.
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Early Intervention

From 6 months to 4 years of age Our program is designed to work with the infant in four relevant areas of human development: social-affective, communication, motor, and cognitive

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Special Education

Education is a fundamental right of all people and to make this effective it demands the guarantee that all children and young adults have access to a quality education with equal opportunities. This includes all children and young adults with or without disabilities.

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School Inclusion

Our greatest objective is to include children and young adults into the National System of Education, for which reason we promote the alliance with the Ministry of Education, and we strengthen the abilities and capabilities in order to achieve this objective.

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Vocational Training

This is a support service which aims to train our students with intellectual disabilities to be part of the general workforce according to their talents and interests.

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Instituto Neurologico de Guatemala

Their History

During the 60s people with disabilities were totally excluded from society, and for this reason, a group of parents, enthusiastic and committed, came together around their friendship and determination to find a better future for children with intellectual disabilities.Neurological Institute of Guatemala was founded.  

The Institute’s population gradually increased, and at the end of that year, 44 students now made up the educational community.

In those days, there were still no interventions and educational services available for children with special needs in Guatemala, and the Institute became the pioneer organization in Guatemala.




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The Neurological Institute Foundation is a private 501c(3) non-profit organization since 09/2021.  IRS exemption Determination Letter click here.