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The sooner we begin the intervation, the better long term results we will have

Our programs are directed towards people with intellectual disabilities or autism (babies, children, young adults and adults), with the objective of strengthening their abilities and skills to have a better quality of life.

We work under the concept of Vital Cycle, which combines the different levels of intervention with supportive services that a person in this condition requires.


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Our program is designed to work with the infant in four relevant areas of human development: social-affective, communication, motor, and cognitive.  Simultaneously, a family therapy program is developed which includes counselling and training to the family, in coordination with other professionals. 




 In order to reach our main goal, that of inclusion, we base the intervention on the Model of Rights, being the most recent focus for approaching people with disabilities on a worldwide level.  In order to trace the pathways of life, we have a battery of psycho-educational tests, which permit us to make adjustments to the National Base Curriculum, giving a lot of emphasis on the adaptive skills.




Our greatest objective is to include children and young adults into the National System of Education, for which reason we promote the alliance with the Ministry of Education, and we strengthen the abilities and capabilities in order to achieve this objective.




This is a support service which aims to train our students with intellectual disabilities to be part of the general workforce according to their talents and interests. We provide our students with occupational training as well as professional and social skills that are required for the development of their personal autonomy, social success, and inclusion to the labor market.

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