Eduardo’s life story

Intellectual disability characterizes by limitations in intellectual functioning and the ability to adapt to the family, social, cultural, school and work environment. The main barrier to overcome is family, social, economic, political and cultural “exclusion”. In Guatemala, it is estimated...
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Jeremías’ story of labor inclusion

  Jeremías is 28 years old. He likes to draw and cook, attends the “Instituto Neurológico de Guatemala” since 2012. He has been working in a banking institution in Guatemala for 3 years now, Jeremías is part of the Comprehensive...
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In commemoration of World Youth Skills Day 2022

July 15 is World Youth Skills Day and the United Nations is commemorating it with a special event on the theme “Developing skills to improve youth employment”. Provided a unique opportunity for dialogue between youth, educational institutions. Reflecting on the...
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