Mynely López

Mynelly is the third of 4 children, and lives with her parents in Ciudad Quetzal, approximately 20 kilometers away. Every day her mother coordinates different ways to get to the Neurological Institute of Guatemala, sometimes by motorcycle, sometimes by public bus.

He is very sociable and makes friends easily. In class she is attentive, helpful and cooperative. In the Occupational Labor Workshop, she has learned to follow instructions and work on time, while exercising abilities and skills that help her be productive in different trades and jobs. She is neat and detailed. When responsibilities are delegated to him and he acquires new knowledge, his face lights up with an eagerness to learn.

When the pandemic began, the company where she was interning had to close 30 job inclusion opportunities, so she and many of her colleagues are still waiting for a door to open again. Until that day comes, he wants to continue learning. He wants to overcome more challenges every day.

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At the Neurological Institute of Guatemala, we continue to work so that our students reach their full potential, have more opportunities for inclusion, and achieve a more independent life. You too, can support that process.


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