Gabriela Vásquez

Gabriela Vásquez, attends the Neurological Institute of Guatemala, since she was 9 months old, her family comes from a humble family and they make a great effort so that their four children can study and get ahead.

A few years ago, the third daughter of the Vásquez Pixtún family was diagnosed with eye cancer, for which she has required surgery, chemotherapy, several prostheses and adjustments in the lifestyle of the entire family. This has been the cause of economic and emotional wear and tear for all members of the family.

Even so, they have been aware of the importance of Gaby continuing to attend the Neurological Institute, where they have seen considerable progress in her development.

Gaby is a sweet little girl and she is learning to follow directions and be more independent. She already recognizes some colors and enjoys cooking and motor activities. He is persevering in his support therapies. Although she has no verbal communication, she is always willing to communicate in other ways: by making eye contact, taking turns, using gestures, and flashing a big smile when she accomplishes an assigned task. Like his parents, we have great expectations of what he will be able to learn thanks to special education and the accompaniment of his family.

We continue working so that more children and young people reach their full potential, have opportunities for inclusion and achieve a more independent life


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